The Zipperwall

With the zipperwall, we respond to the rapidly growing need for circular products. Thanks to our easy-to-zipp walls, fully reusable units can be realized in small and large office spaces. This concept, developed and patented by Ritswand, has been converted into a concrete product the based on successful innovations.


The Zipperwall units can be used flexibly in both growth and minimization. The minimum area is 1.08 square meters. Large spaces can be realized by switching units. The zipperwalls and panels have a standard size (2.60 meters high and 89.5 inches wide) and are placed in aluminium ground profiles. The units are separate from ceilings, walls and floors and therefore it does not require any structural modifications. The units meet all sound requirements.


The zipperwalls, panels, ceilings, floors and other parts of the units can be exchanged within departments or business locations. They can be reused many times. When composing units, you can choose from a wide range of materials. For example: wooden, glass or fabric panels. In all imaginable styles and colours. From an industrial robust look to a sleek design. From relatively simple to outspoken chic. This also applies to the aluminium profiles.


The circular and innovative solution for a flexible office layout.

Circular and Modular
Detached from ceiling, floor and/or wall
Connectable to local climate and/or ventilation system
No restrictions with regard to equipment level
42 dB
Significantly reduced construction time
Dutch product


The Zipperwall approach is based on circularity. Smarter use of raw materials and residues stimulates reuse. The Zipperwall has taken up this big challenge and makes it work with conviction. We are trying to realize this challenge with the help of our innovative zipp wall, a circular alternative for system and plaster walls.

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