The circular and innovative solution for a flexible office layout.

The Zipperwall® is responding to the ever-explicit desire of companies for their need of flexibility and scalability. In addition, circular ambitions are increasingly becoming an integral part of the CSR policy of companies. Reusability of applied materials gives a very concrete interpretation. The Zipperwall® is the flexible, circular and scalable alternative for traditional interior wall systems. The standard cassettes made of aluminum – which do not attach to floor, wall and/or ceiling – are connected to each other with the help of zippers. This way, the cassettes can be constructed into partitions or Cubicles: “Space-in-a-space”. These cells are equipped with their own electrification and lighting and have multiple climate and/or ventilation solutions. The cassettes can be provided with glass, wood panels, moss, steel etc. as required, so that the wall or Cubicle will make an optimal contribution to the company’s own identity.

The Zipperwall is:

Circular and Modular
Detached from ceiling, floor and/or wall
Connectable to local climate and/or ventilation system
No restrictions with regard to equipment level
42 dB
Significantly reduced construction time (40% of traditionally built)
Dutch product

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Climate Control

Currently the best solution
Single ventilation (up to 2 persons)
Connection with building-bound installation (from 2 persons)
In development (test phase)

Stand alone cooling ventilation-unit in combination with a measuring and control solution.

Details of the Zipperwall

See below for more details of the zip wall. No restrictions on equipment.

More information?

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